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R. John Allcorn, M.A., E-RYT

John has been an ardent student of Yoga and Eastern thought for more than 30 years and entered the path of Yoga through Jnana Yoga or the Yoga path of textual study. Johnís formal Yoga training includes more than 3,000 hours of instruction. He has reviewed books on Yoga for a national journal and published articles in a local Yoga association journal. He is currently working on a book on the 8 limbs of Yoga found in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali.

John has been a certified Yoga teacher since 2001 and has been teaching continuously since then. John currently teaches Yoga classes at Helen Ellis Hospital in Tarpon Springs. John is a Registered Yoga Teacher with the nationally-recognized Yoga Alliance with more than 1,000 hours of Yoga teaching (E-RYT is Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher).

John is not only able to bring years of Yoga teaching experience to you but also 16 years of professional teaching experience with Pinellas County Schools as a high school language arts (English) teacher and a year of teaching English as a second language in Greece. Among his other accomplishments as a secondary teacher, John was selected as one of the top five candidates for teacher of the year in Pinellas County. With Johnís nearly 25 years of teaching experience, you will be getting insight and experience rarely found in Yoga training.

John has also been a Licensed Massage Therapist in Florida since 1997. With more than 10 years of continuous body work experience, John can bring you a knowledge of the body and how it moves and functions based on literally hands-on experience.

Johnís background also includes 4 years as a youth counselor with the state of Floridaís Division of Youth Services where he counseled troubled youths and gained a respect for and knowledge of the intricacies of our minds and the link to our behavior. John passes on this experience to you so that you will gain a better understanding of your students and an increased ability to help lead your students to greater self knowledge and fulfillment.

John will also be able to bring you a great deal of practical knowledge rarely found in Yoga training. He and his wife Colleen owned and operated a very successful fine crafts store in Tarpon Springs and a very successful massage therapy business. John currently also owns a business which provides a specific lock to locksmiths throughout the United States. John's small business experience will help round out the more esoteric elements of your Yoga study. John's background and experience and his love of Yoga make him an ideal teacher of Yoga, one who will work with you to make your Yoga training both extensive and personally insightful.

CONTACT: R. John Allcorn, M.A., E-RYT

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